Incan civilization contributions were a lot, but one of these was the way of the preservation of food, the weather obstructed that preservation so they needed to invent a way to make their food go on for more time, this civilization couldn’t live without provision, it was vital for the stability of society. The way they preserved food was drying or dehydrating the products. They dried meat exposing it to the sun, they used to dehydrate birds and frogs. They dried Shrimps with rocks and hot sand and its name was anuka. Salty and dry fish was an important source of people who lived in cost, and it served for “trueque”, the trade system. They dehydrated other sea products, they used the “machas” they were used in soups preparation.
A big contribution of incas in terms of gastronomy was the “cochayuyo” or aquatic herb, they used to eat seaweeds. At present the cochayuyo its eaten with “ceviche” and piquant.
They used to dehydrate tubercles too, they were dried at sun and they get sweet so they were called cahui. The most difficult tubercle of dehydrating was potato.

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